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Most Ex-Matelots have a wealth of stories to tell, including Me!
On this page you will find a few personal memories of my time aboard HMS Relentless, and perhaps those of other Crew members.

Some Naval jargon may be used in these stories, confusing the reader who hasn't served in the Royal Navy,
so if you read a sentence you don't understand, please make a query by using the Guest Book and we will try explain what is meant.

Kevin (Polly) Perkins

Sippers and Gulpers (not what you think, Jack!)
The Cape Wrath Incident
Hurricane Low Q
Beached in Malta
The Run Ashore
Paying Off

If you are an ex Shipmate of HMS Relentless and would like to post your recollections, please email
them to the Webmaster or Sam185, using the link below.

Webmaster : Kevin (Polly) Perkins. ex RN. ~
Historian : Sam185